Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Silver, Gold, Pearl - What Earring Material

Earrings are a small but yet so important part of your outfit and styling. The small things usually matter the most, and therefore a detail such as earrings could be crucial for your overall fashion expression. The type of accessories which you choose to pair with your outfit will be of your choice but most women have a certain style they follow and this applies to the earrings as well.

The first choice any fashionable woman will come across when it comes to earrings is the material. You have many women who only wear gold, then on the other side you have women who are only attracted to silver. And then there is a group in between that actually doesn't mind wearing any material just as long as it fits.

Pearl earrings and necklaces were very popular back in the 80's and their popularity dropped with the modern time. However, the trend is reversing. These small pearl accessories highlight any outfit both with high class and modesty. Just think of a famous painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring", a work of Johannes Vermeer, known as the Dutch painter. Its simplicity brings out the inner beauty and everlasting style. Pearl stands the test of time and fashions.

Gold is also timeless. However, even though it is somewhere considered to be a status symbol not all women prefer it. Silver earrings are very popular with the younger generations.

As fashion styles move through decades, styles of earrings change too. In the 80's earrings were quite large in size and this is why most of the earrings from that time were "on clip". They were just too heavy to be worn as pierced earrings. As we mentioned before, pearl earrings were very popular even though there were many imitations of this material to be found at the time. Gold was also in fashion in the 80's as well as the gold imitations.

During the 90's creativity of the earrings has advanced and a trendy woman with a desire for a nice pair of earrings could choose between many styles and shapes such as stud, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, etc. Glass, plastic, metal, stone, beads, silicon etc. were introduced to the fashion mainstream as materials used for making earrings.

During the late 90's a unique trend won the market - body piercing. With body piercing a new material was introduced - the "surgical steel". This material gives the impression of silver and doesn't cause any allergic reaction which makes it a perfect material for any type of body jewellery.

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